Crestron Module to Control Crown Power Amplifier

This family of modules provide control over a Crown power amplifer over a UDP/IP connection to your Crestron processor.  The Crown amplifier must have a PIP-USP3CN card installed in order for this control to be possible.

The following Crown amplifiers support the PIP-USP3CN card, and therefore, this module:

  • CTs600 (this model used in testing at ControlWorks)
  • CTs1200
  • CTs2000
  • CTs3000
  • MA02 Series
  • MA5000VZ Amplifiers with PIP2 logo on the back
  • MA5002VZ
  • Comtech CT210 (with optional fan installed)
  • Comtech CT410
  • Comtech CT810
  • Comtech CT1610

    Currently, the following parameters can be adjusted:

  • Individual channel power control (poll and set)
  • Output stage volume and mute(poll and set)
  • Presets (store and recall)
  • Impedance mis-match errors (poll only)
  • Excessive clipping errors (poll only)
  • AC voltage out of range errors (poll only)
  • Thermal limit errors (poll only)

    If the parameter you would like to control is not listed, please contact us and we will add the desired functionality if possible.

    What's included

    This module package includes the un-encrypted module, a sample SIMPL Windows program, a sample Xpanel and detailed help file.

    How To Order

    To order this module, click "Order Online for Instant Download" below.  After completing our secure online checkout process, you will be able to instantly download the module.  You may also order by fax by downloading our PDF order form below.



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