Crestron Module to monitor your processors

Now you can keep track of all of your projects through one web based portal. ControlWorks Connect provides you with everything from dynamic DNS functions as well as monitoring 10 digital, analog and serial signals.

So what does it do?  There are two levels of service for this subscription based module. ControlWorks Connect Basic allows you to tie the dynamic IP address of your processor to a domain name such as The basic level also provides you with the status of the processors MSG light. ControlWorks Connect Premium includes these features but also allows you to monitor 10 digital, 10 analog and 10 serial signals in your program.

So how does this work? This new module we are providing is a free, but encrypted module.  We have moved from a site license business model to a subscription based one. The module is assigned a unique ID once you have registered the client's site on our Administration site. This ID then gets entered into your module as a parameter. Now each time the module requests data from our server the sites credentials are first verified using this unique ID. When you register the site our administration console generates an account form with your Dealer contact information, site name as well as billing information that needs to get completed. Once the account is generated the module can be implemented immediately. You have 7 days to fax the account form to us before the module will no longer authenticate against our server.

And what does it cost? The Basic version is $48.00 MSRP for one year. A two year option is available at the discounted price of $88.00. The Premium level of service is $168.00 MSRP for one year. A two year option for the Premium level is available at the discounted price of $300.00 MSRP. Crestron Authorized Dealers may contact us for Dealer pricing. The pricing structure is equivalent to that of Crestron hardware.

So how can I get it? First be sure to read the Terms of Service. Next go ahead and add the module to your cart. This is a zero dollar item so you will not be prompted to enter your credit card information. Complete the transaction and then download the module.

What do I need? In order to make use of the module you will need a 2-series processor equipped with an Ethernet port. The processor will need an active connection to the internet in order to connect to to our server for updates.


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