Crestron Module to Enable Paging on a PAD8A or BIPAD

Now you can provide paging through your Crestron distributed audio system.  With our paging module you can use a CNX-PAD8, CNX-PAD8A, CNX-BIPAD or AAE to provide whole house paging functions in every zone of the house.

This module accepts a digital input from your paging source such as a phone system.  In a zone where audio was already in use the module will switch over to the page source at the paging volume for as long as the trigger is high.  When the trigger goes low the module will set the room back to the previous source at the previous volume.  If the room was not in use at the time the module will turn it on to the paging source and volume for the duration of the trigger.  The module is built to be dropped in between your room logic and audio device.  Page enables are available so you can allow paging on a room by room basis.  Multiple instances of the module can be used to allowing paging in large distributed audio systems.

An example application would be using a Panasonic phone system as a source.  Simply connect the page out audio jack to an open source on a BIPAD.  Next connect an audio sensing relay such as a SAT-ACR-1 from RDL to a digital input on your processor.  Now when the user does an all page on the phone system the ST-ACR-1 triggers the module and the module switches over to the page audio input so the page is heard throughout the house!

Another common usage for this module is to provide a chime through the distributed audio system to annuciate events like driveway loop detectors or door bell presses.  In this case you will need a source to generate the chime sound.  A CEN-TIA could be used for this purpose.  A Radio Design Labs Chime Generator is a lower cost option as well but only has eight pre-recorded chime sounds. 


What's included

This module package includes the un-encrypted module, a sample SIMPL Windows program, a sample Xpanel and detailed help file.

How To Order

To order this module, click "Order Online for Instant Download" below.  After completing our secure online checkout process, you will be able to instantly download the module.  You may also order by fax by downloading our PDF order form below.



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