Subscription Module FAQ

We also offer modules on a subscription fee basis.  That is, we give you the module at no charge but then collect a fee for access to the information that supports the module.  Our popular Weather module is one example of such a service based module.


What are the differences between your subscription based modules and your other modules?

There are two primary differences.   The first is that subscription based modules are a zero dollar cost download.  The other difference is that we encrypt our subscription based modules to ensure that the module source code is intact when we are offering support.

What is a Crestron module?

A Crestron module is a block of programming for a Crestron control system. You must have a Crestron control system in order for a Crestron module to be of any use to you. These modules do not run on Windows, Mac, Linux, or any other type of computer.

What are the Terms of Service for your subscription services?

Our Terms of Service for our subscription based modules are outlined in Service_Module_TOS_v4.
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