Commercial Programming

Whether you are a Crestron Dealer, Consultant, A+/GSS Member, or End User we can program your system to your specifications. 

Why we can help you with your next project. 

ControlWorks specializes in turn-key control systems; it's our lifeblood. Every project is a little bit different, and our approach is one of flexibility. We will listen to your requests and work to achieve your vision for the operation of the system. Most projects are priced based on a firm-cost proposal, so you know the cost from the beginning.

What Experience do we have?

Seven Crestron Certified Master Programmers bring more then 65 years of experience with Crestron systems to the table. We have experience with projects of virtually any size residential, commercial, education, and government – from a single classroom, one-room theater through casino floor, convention/hospitality, health care, command and control facilities, and entire corporate headquarters. By providing On-Site Software Commissioning for every project we ensure that problems – hardware or software – are resolved before the client begins using the system. Our Software can be found nearly every state, and modules that we've authored are in use in thousands of systems on 4 continents. We are the Leader in Crestron Voting Systems, including providing programming, design, and ongoing consultation for the Senate of Virginia's 40-member voting platform. We have developed solutions to bridge the gap, including methods for interfacing with Microsoft's Active Directory and processing results of SQL queries. We provide Crestron Dealers a suite of subscription-based services to enable dynamic content delivery through a custom Internet portal developed by ControlWorks.

What's our process?

• Design - You can bring your design to us or, we can turn your ideas into working drawings.

Quotation - Upon receiving your design and equipment list, we reply to each request for proposal (RFP) with a detailed project-specific proposal and quotation. 

• User Interface - we develop the user interface to meet the needs of the specific project and then submit it for your review and approval.

• Programming - Following approval of the user interface designs, our team of Crestron Certified Programmers will author your program.

• On-Site Startup - When the installation is complete, we provide an applications engineer on-site to commission every project and ensure the program meets your requirements.

Support - After a successful system start-up we provide world-class support. We provide a detailed warranty, remote support from our offices, as well as copies of the source code.

What's Next?

We want the opportunity to discuss your next project. Please feel free to contact us by telephone at +1.440.449.1100 option 3, or email us at with any questions or to start the process

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