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You may be surprised when the first question we ask is “How do you want to work?” With an ethos that the best solutions flow from understanding your people, culture and workflows, we are able to craft integrated solutions that unobtrusively embrace what you already like while removing friction and common obstacles.

At ControlWorks, we believe that the “what” and “why” are more important to your people than the “how.” We draw on our decades of experience to bring you system designs and execution based on what we know works while sidestepping problematic solutions — and, just as importantly, avoiding technology just for technology’s sake.

Speaking three distinct languages
AV, IT, and English

We help to bring together the teams that are essential for the success of your project and provide translation services between specializations to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that no unpleasant surprises pop up.

After we develop a high-level design for your project, we’ll work with you to refine it and help you understand how our solution will achieve your objectives. We’ll also provide options for enhancement and cost reduction.

The next step is the development of single line drawings

The roadmap for the electrons passing between devices – and a bid specification. From there, we’ll help you identify potential hardware vendors and evaluate proposals for compliance and the total value or work with your existing vendor relationships. Since no one likes buying an apple and getting a lemon, we’ll be your software consultant and assist with project management and coordination to ensure that your system is complete and will meet the design requirements.

Getting started.

Finally, we’ll provide our commissioning and programming services to ensure that the most variable part of the project delivers the features and capabilities we designed at the beginning of the project.

Since we stay actively engaged throughout the project lifecycle, you’ll avoid the unpleasant game of telephone that’s often the result of more traditional “hands-off” delivery processes.

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