ControlWorks’ Commercial Control Systems: Trust Our Experience

We’re a humble company. We’re also a hard-working company with years of practical knowledge and time-honored experience under our belt. Since 1998, ControlWorks’ team of Certified Master Programmers has brought decades of experience with Crestron, Extron, Biamp, QSC, and a wide range of unique control systems to the table.

We’ve developed, deployed and supported residential and commercial programming systems of all sizes and our industry scope includes higher education, government, gaming, hospitality, health care, Fortune 500 companies and more. Our continued commitment to ongoing education is also reflected in the multiple levels of certification our team holds. ControlWorks’ software modules are currently used with thousands of commercial control systems across four continents. We’re also a leading service provider for Crestron Voting Systems; our capabilities include programming, design and ongoing consultation. We can even develop solutions to bridge the gap, like methods for interfacing with Microsoft’s Active Directory and processing results of SQL queries.

Why We Can Help You

We aren’t just “programmers”. When you procure our contract programming services, we partner with you to discover your needs so we can deliver the right solution to fit your specifications. And through on-site software commissioning for every project, we’ll ensure that any hardware or software program issues are resolved before the system’s first use.

If you’re an integrator, by partnering with us we can alleviate scheduling bottlenecks and deliver a complex scope of work that allows you to focus on completing your project.

If you’re an end-user, government entity or enterprise customer, we can provide consulting services and control system solutions tailored to your application.

Regardless of how you decide to work with us, you’ll get a comprehensive solution to help your business or organization run more efficiently and effectively.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

Are you ready to partner with us, or do you have questions about our commercial programming services? We want to hear from you. You can call us at 440.449.1100 to discuss a project or a custom-built module. Or, you can email us at at your convenience.

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Our suite of commercial services includes

Contract Programming

The best way to ensure profitability on a project is to explore a fixed-cost engagement with ControlWorks. The coding and commissioning portions of any project can be a moving target, so why not focus on what your team does well and lean on our decades of experience?

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Our projects bring together a wide variety of systems that aren’t always easy to integrate with one another. Even before the programming stage of the project, we can help you sort through all the moving pieces and parts to make sure reliable integration is possible. We’ll also determine the best way to get it all done.

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Voting Systems

ControlWorks is familiar with the challenges that stem from electronic voting systems. We also know how to develop customized solutions for federal, state and local governing bodies that make those challenges obsolete. We can create voting systems that are reliable, easy to use and secure.

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Dynamic Configuration

Currently in its third generation, ControlWorks’ dynamic configuration solutions overcome these obstacles without sacrificing the flexibility of bespoke solutions. With our extensive library of “building blocks, “ developed through decades of experience with enterprise and education clients, we can create a framework that meets and exceeds organizational goals.

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ControlWorks' Commercial Programming Systems Serve A Variety Of Commercial Market Segments

Our experience covers a wide range of industries including:

Higher Education

We make it possible for educators and students to have seamless learning experiences regardless of where they are on campus. We’ve partnered with respected institutions like The Ohio State University, Dartmouth College, Kansas State University and more to make teaching and learning more interactive and engaging.

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We’re helping health care providers deliver high-quality services by developing solutions that allow them to train and work safely and efficiently. We’ve even donated our time, expertise and technology to medical charities like the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital so they can help those who need it most.

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We can develop comprehensive solutions for all levels of government. We’ve deployed voting systems, broadcast automation systems, knowledge walls, enterprise collaboration systems and more for local government agencies, command operation centers and State Senates.

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Fortune 500

We’ve created customized systems for large corporations to make communication and operations efficient, effective and much easier to accomplish daily. We create a unified and consistent user experience across global locations, managed through a single portal.

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