Residential Services: We Get Homes Connected

ControlWorks has a strong foundation of high-end residential system integration experience. Below is a snapshot of our process.

Why Use ControlWorks?

We were one of the first Crestron Services Providers (CSP) that focused on the high-end residential market—and are one of the few still doing it today. As the internet of things and more configurable solutions become the norm, we still excel at building bespoke residential control systems for luxury spaces. So, if you’ve taken on a large project or don’t have an internal programming staff, we can help you deliver Crestron home automation projects or other residential solutions on time, with no questions about the final costs.

Getting Started and Estimating Costs

Send us your residential control system's design and scope of work as soon as possible. It can be a Word document, spreadsheet, report from an estimating program or drawing file in just about any format. We’re looking for enough information to generate a cost estimate. Once we have enough detail, we can provide you with a fixed-price, scope-of-work contract.

Fixed-Price Contract

Once the residential control system's hardware and functional scope have been completely submitted, we’ll generate a detailed project-specific proposal and quote. Our contract will outline the room information, integrated sub-systems and user interfaces that support each area of control. We will describe our responsibilities and your staff's responsibilities so all parties are clear about how the project will be executed.

This contract will include a fixed turn-key price. It will allow you to see your total cost for delivering a ControlWorks-programmed residential control system. Small changes? We will go out of our way to accommodate them. Large changes or additions to the functional scope of work will be handled through a simple change order process.

User Interface
It’s practically the only thing your client will ever see of your work, so it’s got to be good. We’ve been building user interfaces and working through user experience challenges for a long time — since touch screens used to have only eight colors available. As such, we value form as much as function.
Post-Commissioning Support

Even the best planned on-site commissioning efforts are left with a few open items. Our fixed pricing model allows for some amount of support to cover remotely tying up loose ends.

On-Site Commissioning

Since our first project in 1998, we have always commissioned our own work at the project site.  We never phone it in. We know your staff is busy completing a major project and they should not be tied up with testing our products. Having us at the site allows for a very efficient triage process to sort out issues with software, hardware or connectivity.

On-Site Startup

In order to regulate the quality of our product and ensure the proper operation of your residential control system, we travel onsite to commission every system. Many other companies are willing to email you some code and answer the phone every once in a while. Trying to start-up a system over the phone can consume an enormous amount of time for both parties and increase costs rapidly.

An essential part of our partnership is having our engineer at the site to go through each sub-system. This ensures that the functional scope of the residential control system gets checked properly, and leads to a rapid start-up of the system where even the largest of integrated systems can be implemented in only a few days.

Relationship Development

When you engage ControlWorks, we become your partner. We don’t consider ourselves just programmers, but rather a resource to support the whole arc of your Crestron home automation project. If you need something by this Friday, we most likely aren’t your best option. But if you want a partner who is invested in the success of your residential control system project and the brands you represent, we’d love to talk.

Give Us The Opportunity To Discuss Your Next Residential Control System Project.

If you’ve been used to managing your own programming, we understand that releasing that control to someone out of your organization can be daunting. But we’ll partner with you to ensure the job is done right and to your specifications. Call us at 440.449.1100 to discuss a residential project or a custom-built solution. Or, you can email us at at your convenience.