Residential Programming

ControlWorks has a strong foundation of high end residential system integration experience. Below is a snapshot of our process. 

Why Use ControlWorks?
We have experience with projects of virtually any size residential, commercial, education, and government – from a single classroom, one-room theater through casino floor, command and control facilities, and some of the largest residences in the United States.

Seven Crestron Certified Master Programmers bring more then 65 years of experience with Crestron systems to the table. Our applications engineers are exposed to every make and model of electronics out there. When you contract with us you are benefitting from our experiences across every imaginable project.

Getting Started and Estimating Costs
Our most successful projects have us involved at the very early stages of the project. We don't limit our role to programming but rather as a resource for you to call on to work through design challenges. 

Send us your system design and scope of work as soon as possible. It can be a Word document, spreadsheet, reports from an estimating program, AutoCAD or D-Tools system files.  Typically there is enough information for us to generate an estimated cost.  If there is enough detail we can provide you with a fixed price, scope of work based contract.

Documentation Services 
A valuable service that we offer is to build schematic level d-tools based drawings for your project.  This important step allows design validation on paper, long before equipment gets ordered.  It also allows us to code off the same document you are building the system with.  When the time comes to start the system up the value of the drawings becomes clear. 

User Interface
We have a library of templates that our clients enjoy and find easy to use. Using one of these templates is a way to keep costs down. Custom user interface looks are also possible.

Fixed Price Contract
Once the system's hardware and functional scope have been completely submitted, we generate a detailed project-specific proposal and quote.  Our contract will outline the room information, integrated sub-systems and the user interfaces that support each area of control.  We will describe what our responsibilities are and what your staff's responsibilities are so we are all clear on how to proceed. 

This contract will include a fixed turn-key price. This allows you to see your total cost to deliver a ControlWorks programmed solution. Small changes we go out of our way to accommodate. Large changes or additions to the functional scope of work are handled through a simple change order process.

Program Development
Each project is assigned an applications engineer that will author and support the program through the projects life. This allows for a high level of continuity throughout the project.

Our facilities in Cleveland and Boston are both equipped with a large assortment of Crestron hardware and related sub-systems. This allows the engineer to code and test the project's equipment to ensure that their time spent at the site is focused on a complete debug of the system.

On-Site Startup
In order to control the quality of our product and ensure proper operation, travel onsite to commission every system. Many other companies are willing to email you some code and answer the phone every once in a while. Trying to start-up a system over the phone can consume an enormous amount of time for both parties and increase costs rapidly

An essential part of our partnership is having our engineer at the site going through each sub-system. This ensures that the functional scope of the system gets checked properly. This leads to a rapid start-up of the system where even the largest of integrated systems can be started up in only a few days.

After a successful system start-up we provide world-class support. We provide a detailed warranty, remote support from our offices, as well as copies of the source code if desired. We will always maintain a copy of the source code on our servers for safe keeping.

What's Next?
We want the opportunity to discuss your next project. Please feel free to contact us by telephone at +1.440.449.1100 option 2, or email us at with any questions or to start the process. 

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