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 ControlWorks Consulting, LLC is proud to be entering the 23rd year of its relationship with Crestron Electronics. As a Crestron Services Provider, we enjoy a high level of support directly from Crestron. We have served as alpha and beta testers for a variety of Crestron hardware and software products (including the 2- and 3-series processors), and enjoy intimate relationships with a variety of internal Crestron departments and personnel. ControlWorks Consulting, LLC is a proud member of the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) as well as InfoComm International. 

We serve Crestron dealers in the US and abroad. Our organization is headquartered in Cleveland, and we maintain an office in Boston. Eight Crestron certified programmers bring a combined 75 years of experience with Crestron systems to the table. Both our facilities are fully outfitted with Crestron control systems and related peripherals to allow for a complete system testing and debugging environment. 

ControlWorks is like no other Crestron Authorized Independent Programmer. We are the only CSP member to offer an extensive library of turnkey modules for sale to Crestron developers via our online store. 

To support our Crestron Dealers across the country and around the world, we maintain a secure file transfer service to exchange files with dealers and our partners. We maintain a toll free number for technicians to utilize in the field thereby reducing cellular tolls or long distance charges on client’s phone lines.

Our IT infrastructure is anchored by Dell Workstations and Dell PowerEdge Servers, and backed by infrastructure from Cisco and APC. Our file servers are configured as RAID arrays with real-time data mirroring across multiple servers in geographically disperse locations. Data is backed up nightly with off-site media storage to ensure the highest possible level of protection. Our entire IT infrastructure is mirrored in our Boston location in real time, ControlWorks Application Engineers have full access to these resources via VPN while in the field. Project Management is central to the success of our product. We utilize a Project Management platform from Copper Project (www.copperproject.com), running on a dedicated server, in addition to the cloud-based ProWorkflow (www.proworkflow.net) solution, both assuring that they have up to the date information regarding your project and its resources.
One of the unique aspects of serving a pool of Crestron dealers globally is that we are exposed to a wide range of different sub-systems and applications that any one Dealer would not normally come across. Because of this exposure, more and more Crestron Dealers are turning to ControlWorks to supply their Crestron Software solutions. 

Our projects include residential and commercial systems of all sizes, with an emphasis on custom applications. We have a single focus: software development for the Crestron hardware platform.

Cleveland, OH
701 Beta Dr. #22
Cleveland, OH 44143
Voice 440.449.1100
Fax 440.449.1106
Boston, MA
23 Messenger St. #8A
Boston, MA 02762
Voice 508.695.0188

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