About ControlWorks

We’ve been trusted partners of integrators and end-users large and small since 1998, providing our knowledge, experience and coding and commissioning services around the world. With core skill sets across a number of well-respected platforms, we can tackle the most challenging projects, and our skills and expertise set us apart from other software consulting companies.

Where we serve

We serve control system integrators, end-users, and owners of integrated systems in the US and abroad. Our organization is headquartered in Cleveland, and we maintain an office in Boston. Our reputation is built on a solid foundation of putting our engineers in the field on your project to load, test and commission every aspect of the scope of work.

Company History


Founded in a 144 square foot office by Jim Felderman in 1998, ControlWorks is well regarded throughout the industry for our knowledge and professionalism. ControlWorks has had the honor of being a Crestron Service Provider (CSP) program since its inception. Now entering our 17th year, ControlWorks has a team of dedicated and skilled professionals operating out of fully-equipped offices in Boston and Cleveland.

Diversifying early on, we developed the PB-1000 BackBox for the Crestron CT-1000 touchpanel, filling the need for an inexpensive pre-construction box, the product was a instantaneous hit. Creating bullet-proof modules for popular sub-systems became another focus as more and more Dealers needed pre-packaged solutions to meet their deadlines.


With an expanding project workload, we became a Limited Liability Corporation and opened an office in Boston, MA.


In 2003 we saw again a dramatic increase in demand for quality, turn key Crestron programming, so we moved into 3500 square feet of new space more suitable for our growing operations. In 2004 we became the first CSP ever to exhibit at both the InfoComm (commercial) and CEDIA (residential) tradeshows.

2005 & 2006

Additional employees joined the ControlWorks Cleveland team in 2005 and 2006, leading to a need for additional office space — fortunately we had access to unfinished space which was rapidly modified to suit our growing needs.


In 2007, we relocated our Boston office and added staff to meet growing commercial and residential demand in that market. Both offices have access to an impressive variety of test equipment and Crestron product to ensure the highest quality product is delivered to our customers.


Thanks to a favorable real estate market, in mid-2009 we relocated our Cleveland office to 4100 square feet of glorious state-of-the art digs, built to suit our exact needs— and ensure our continued ability to meet changing demands from our customers and allow room for continued growth.


We expanded our control system footprint to include Biamp certifications and continued our engagement by becoming one of the founding members of the Biamp BAIP program.


We continued to expand our offering by achieving individual Extron certifications and becoming one of the inaugural members of Extron Qualified Independent Programmer (EQIP) program.

We Are Not Just Programmers

We offer a complete range of services to allow you to fully realize your or your client's vision. Think of us as a partner to help usher you through the many permutations of how to execute a plan. Let us know how we can help.

ControlWorks Believes Your Projects Data is Paramount

With data as the lifeblood of our business, we maintain a “best-in-class” IT infrastructure anchored by Dell Workstations and Dell PowerEdge Servers, and backed by infrastructure from Cisco and APC. Data availability and protection is ensured through real-time data synchronization and backup across multiple servers in geographically diverse locations using a “Private Cloud” configuration. Real-time data mirroring is combined with nightly backups and off-site media storage to ensure the highest possible level of protection. Dedicated fiber Ethernet connectivity to the Internet provided by Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) and Comcast with “five nines” availability agreements ensure our services are always available.

Complementing our data protection and availability strategy, ControlWorks team members have complete access to all resources via secure VPN from anywhere in the world and ControlWorks exchanges files with our integrators and customers via a secure file sharing tool.

We utilize the cloud-based ProWorkflow (www.proworkflow.net) project management solution and custom source code management platforms, both assuring that team members have up to the date information regarding your project and its resources.

Staff Profiles

Our staff has an amazing variety of backgrounds and long history of service with the company. Our youngest member of the team started in 2007!

Jim Felderman
(440) 449-1100 x1101
Jim, a Crestron Silver Certified Master Programmer and Commercial Lighting Controls Certified, has worked in a variety of fields related to the control system market since 1984. He has spent time in the broadcast video production, security, industrial process control, and energy management industries. It was only after running his own custom audio/video shop that he realized his true love was control system design and programming. Wearing one big hat instead of many small ones was the driving force behind forming ControlWorks Consulting, LLC. Working with Crestron products since 1992 Jim saw the opportunity to provide design and programming services to the ever-growing residential and commercial integration market. Jim is a founding member and past Chair of the Crestron CSP Advisory Board.
Lincoln King-Cliby, CTS
Commercial Market Director
Sr. Systems Architect
(440) 449-1100 x1107
A Crestron Platinum Certified Master Programmer, Lincoln's interest in electronics was fostered at Chaparral High School in Temecula, California, where he served as technical director for the campus television station and supported various events in the campus performing arts center. Prior to moving to Ohio to pursue his love of winter weather, he studied Computer Science at California State University San Marcos where he joined the Classroom Technology Services team to design, engineer, install, and program audio-visual equipment installations for the campus. With a desire for continuing education, in 2013 Lincoln became Biamp Audia Certified.
Caleb Radecky
Products & Services Manager
(440) 449-1100 x1109
Caleb's path began when he took a seasonal technical position with the entertainment department at SeaWorld Cleveland. Shortly after the sale of SeaWorld Cleveland, he moved to Bose Corporation where he worked the retail end of residential home theater. Pursuing a desire in graphic design and control system programming, Caleb moved to ControlWorks in 2004. Caleb now leads several initiatives in the company as a Crestron Silver Certified Master Programmer. He provides residential and commercial programming services, residential systems design services, first tier module support, light graphic design for user-interfaces, DigitalMedia services, and Commercial Lighting Controls services. In an effort to provide excellence through education, Caleb became a Crestron Certified Master Programmer in 2009 and has attended every Crestron Masters class since then, in 2010 he became a Digital Media Certified Engineer and Designer (DMC-E DMC-D), and in 2012 he became Crestron Lighting Controls Certified (CLC-C).
Steve McNally
Residential Applications Engineer
(508) 695-0188 x2103
Steve's interest in electronics started when he was in his early teens. He pulled apart old stereos and VCRs just to see how they worked, and loved to build speaker enclosures with his high school friends. After graduating from High School Steve served in the U.S. Air Force for 7 years as a heavy equipment mechanic in Massachusetts, Montana, and Saudi Arabia. Upon leaving the Air Force, Steve was introduced into the custom installation industry. He started out with pre-wires then moving into trim and rack wiring. In 2003 he dove into learning as much as he could about Crestron programming and GUI design and has been hooked since. Working in our Boston office, Steve is proud to be a Crestron Gold Certified Master Programmer and a Certified Digital Media Engineer.

Certifications & Associations

ControlWorks firmly believes in continuing education by embracing manufacturer level training and certification to both maintain and expand our knowledge base.

Crestron Services Provider

Crestron Service Providers (CSPs) are organizations that are trained and licensed by Crestron to provide design and programming services to Crestron integrators, enterprise customers and end-users who do not have these resources on staff. They are the only Crestron authorized independent programmers.

Crestron Certified Programmer

100% of ControlWorks Programmers have achieved the prestigious title of Crestron Certified Programmer. Crestron certification is no trivial accomplishment. The curriculum includes stages of training and testing until a final certification exam is required.

Crestron Silver Certified Master Programmer

To become a Silver Certified Master Programmer, the programmer must:

  • Already be a Crestron Certified Master Programmer
  • Attend three annual Master Level Summits at Crestron Headquarters
  • Pass a Silver Certification exam

Crestron Gold Certified Master Programmer

To become a Gold Certified Master Programmer, the programmer must:

  • Already be a silver level Crestron Certified Programmer
  • Attend a total of six Master Level Summits at Crestron Headquarters
  • Pass a grueling Gold Certification exam

Crestron Platinum Certified Master Programmer

To become a Platinum Crestron Certified Programmer at the Master level, the programmer must:

  • Already be a Crestron Gold Certified Master Programmer
  • Attend a total of nine Master Level Summits
  • Pass a rigorous Platinum Certification exam

Crestron DigitalMedia™ Certified Designer (DMC-D)

Engineers who have achieved the DMC-D certification from Crestron possess the skills necessary for designing and configuring a Crestron DigitalMedia™ system.

To become a Crestron DigitalMedia™ Certified Designer, the programmer must:

  • Attend the DMC-D Class to learn the skills necessary for designing and configuring a Crestron DigitalMedia™ system.
  • Pass a written exam
  • Pass a hands on design and configuration exam
  • The programmer must also be retested every year to retian their certification

Crestron DigitalMedia™ Certified Engineer (DMC-E)

The engineer is certified by Crestron to meet the qualifications of “DMC-E” as required in the HD Digital Transport and Distribution System (HD-DTDS) specification.

To become a Crestron DigitalMedia™ Certified Engineer, the programmer must:

  • Have received the DMC-E certification from Crestron
  • Pass a written exam
  • Attend the DMC-E class
  • Pass a practical exam
  • The programmer must also be retested every year to retain their certification

Commercial Lighting Controls Certified

The engineer is certified by Crestron to meet the qualifications of “CLC-C”.

To become a CLC-C, the programmer must:

  • Attend the D3Pro Class
  • Be a Crestron Certified Programmer
  • Attend the CLC-C Class
  • Pass a real-world CLC project with a Crestron Engineer. This project is used by Crestron to determine if the programmer should be a CLC-C
  • The programmer must renew their certification once a year

CEDIA Member

CEDIA is the leading global authority in the $14 billion home technology industry. CEDIA represents 3,700 member companies worldwide and serves more than 30,000 industry professionals that manufacture, design, and integrate goods and services for the connected home. Visit www.cedia.org


By using an open, tested and clear set of industry standards developed by subject-matter experts to evaluate audiovisual providers, CTS holders can bring reassurance of competency, experience, and ethical behaviour to your projects.

Extron EQIP

Extron Qualified Independent Programming (EQIP) companies are carefully screened and selected by Extron to provide expert configuration and programming support for Extron Control System projects. Extron authorized programmers and EQIP companies have access to a variety of Extron resources including web-based tools, continuing education, and control system training.


AVIXA helps drive the market for audiovisual solutions and is the community for creative professionals who use technology to create integrated experiences. Visit www.avixa.org

Extron Certified

The Extron Authorized Programmer – EAP certification enables programmers access to all features of Global Scripter, Extron’s Integrated Development Environment, and the ControlScript® Python library for programming Extron Pro Series control systems. Students who successfully complete the EAP program will be prepared to deploy and manage programmed Extron Pro Series control systems that provide the power and flexibility required to handle the evolving complexities of today’s more sophisticated AV system designs.

Want to join the ControlWorks Team?

We hire people. We don't just fill positions. So, finding the next member of our team is a careful process for us. Are you a Crestron certified programmer or Extron authorized programmer who's looking to further your career with an innovative consultancy firm that's unlike other software consulting companies? Contact us today and see what we have to offer.

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