In 2006, when the Senate of Virginia realized they needed more control over their voting systems, they called ControlWorks. Since then, ControlWorks has partnered with them to promote efficiency throughout the legislative process.

Since that initial successful deployment, ControlWorks has worked closely with Senate staff to increase public access to the legislative process and deliver efficiency gains to the membership, while considerably reducing costs.  Along with voting and audio reinforcement technology for all 40 members in the Senate’s main chamber, ControlWorks has designed and commissioned complete, committee, sub-committee, and conference room solutions. This programming incorporates in-room video, audio, teleconferencing, voting, and even fully-automated broadcast-quality streaming — all without adding a single staff member to the Senate’s payroll.  For the oldest representative government institution in the western hemisphere, ControlWorks helps to preserve a 400-year legacy by providing groundbreaking designs whenever they’re needed.