Our Higher Education Technology Solutions Are At The Head Of The Class

Today’s audiovisual technology has totally changed the way that teachers teach and students learn. On campuses across the country, education AV integration is supporting hundreds of rooms within a building or across a campus. This technology in higher education is providing seamless, high-quality experiences with programming that's easy to use. ControlWorks has been at the helm of many connected campus projects. We’ve made it possible for students to present projects from their phones or tablets through wireless presentation technology. We’ve developed room scheduling systems so faculty members can schedule meetings and office hours with ease. But that’s not all. We’ve developed intelligent auditoriums so educators can walk into lecture halls and not lose valuable time because they’re struggling with presentation equipment or software. We’ve even created solutions that deliver a better distance learning experience for students everywhere.

ControlWorks can handle a wide variety of education technology solutions for higher education.

See our additional education AV integration capabilities below.

Presentation Systems

ControlWorks can create wired or wireless presentation systems that just require single cables or wireless links to connect presentation devices to display sources. No fumbling around to display lecture materials, no lost time due to set-up — just a state-of-the-art experience that’s easy to use.

Audio And Video Systems

We can program a solution that gives you full control over video sources and displays throughout campus. And to top it all off, we can even create a robust audio experience so students can hear every word through expertly deployed digital signal processors.

Enterprise Management Systems

ControlWorks can make it easier for staff members to manage a campus. We can deploy an enterprise management system that allows people to remotely troubleshoot equipment problems, turn off lights, track energy use and create calendar-based schedules to help boost energy efficiency. We’ll work with you to program a system that best meets your needs and back it all up with the training and technical support you need.

Room Scheduling Touch Screens

We can set up room scheduling touch screens across your campus so faculty members can book a last-minute meeting, remove lectures that end early from the calendar and set up recurring office hours.

Distance Learning Systems

ControlWorks can design a system that makes it easier for online students to learn, collaborate and share information in real time. These systems can facilitate videoconferencing with crystal-clear video and audio, lecture recording and more with laptops or mobile devices so students and educators can interact as though they were in the same room.

ControlWorks' education technology solutions have enriched the learning experiences of students who are attending:

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