Developing Solutions To Help Keep Our Nation Safe

ControlWorks has helped businesses large and small discover the integrated systems and software they need to run efficiently and effectively. But who do government organizations turn to when they need help? They turn to ControlWorks as well.

ControlWorks' government technology solutions can help organizations with:

Dynamic Briefing Rooms

ControlWorks programs and deploys legislative automation systems that deliver secure communication, easy-to-use collaboration tools and error-free technology that will be thoroughly tested before your agency even uses it. With our meeting room AV integration capabilities, we can install a one-touch meeting start button on a room’s touch screen that automatically displays presentations so no time is lost trying to connect a device. With unparalleled collaboration capabilities, workers will be able to share information quickly and easily from any laptop or desktop computer. We can even create scalable and cost-effective video conferencing systems to ensure stable connections.

Intelligent Court And Council Chamber Automation

Our government technology solutions include cutting-edge presentation systems that allow users to securely connect laptops to the room’s display with only a single cable. Users can stream video and play high-quality audio throughout the room with easy-to-use video and audio distribution systems. ControlWorks can even make source or display control as simple as touching a button on a screen.

Voting Systems

When the State Senate of Virginia wanted a system that would give officials better control over voting technology, ControlWorks created an innovative electronic voting system that is not only reliable, but always available, easy-to-use and secure. This new voting system can register and tabulate votes, control the order of business, call votes, recognize speakers, and summon members and pages. So no matter how hectic the political process gets, things will always be under control thanks to us.

Let’s Talk About Your Government Project

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