Changing The Way Providers Deliver Quality Health Care

Doctors, nurses, specialists, support staff and administrators know that when lives hang in the balance, they can’t afford to be at the mercy of faulty communication or facility management systems. They need solutions that make it easy to share important and life-saving information and systems that ensure their facilities operate effectively.

From lecture halls to digital operating rooms, conference rooms to collaborative learning spaces, ControlWorks understands the importance of consistent and reliable user experiences for room technology.

When your staff is interrupted during patient visits or general hospital administration duties, the last thing you can afford is to waste time with an awkward system integration experience. Let us show you how to control tens or hundreds of rooms seamlessly with our Dynamic Configuration system integration solutions that make commissioning, supporting and, most importantly, operating your technology spaces successful across a single building, campus or enterprise.

ControlWorks knows how to handle the unique needs and requirements of health care providers. We can help you with:

Video Conferencing Systems

We’ll create scalable, easy-to-use video conferencing systems that offer stable connections and truly immersive experiences. We also make the way you communicate even better by with conveniences like one-touch meeting starts.

Dynamic Training Solutions

ControlWorks can transform your training process with the addition of cutting-edge audio and video capabilities. This includes streaming video, recording training sessions and controlling the lighting and temperature in training rooms. We can even create a program to automatically shut down training equipment when the room is empty.

Enterprise Management Systems

Our enterprise management systems make the daily operations at your health care facility much easier to manage. A system designed by ControlWorks can handle things like turning off the lights in empty rooms, tracking the building’s energy usage and troubleshooting equipment that isn’t working properly.

We’re Bringing Even More Innovation To Health Care

ControlWorks has partnered with hospitals and medical charities across the country. Some of them include:

Let’s Talk About System Integration Solutions for Your Health Care Project

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