Dynamic Configuration

Two of the largest costs for any IT organization are training and support. When it comes to deploying a new AV system, custom programming can add even more costs to a project. Another leading source of frustration among end-users is the inconsistent and sometimes unpredictable operation of room technology. Currently in its third generation, ControlWorks’ dynamic configuration solutions overcome these obstacles without sacrificing the flexibility of bespoke solutions. With ControlWorks’ dynamic integration engineering, we use our extensive library of “building blocks," developed through decades of experience with enterprise and education clients, to build a foundational framework unique to your organization’s needs and culture.

Why Our Solutions Work

Rigorous testing of these building blocks and framework programming upfront eliminate time spent in individual rooms. By leveraging our integration engineering capabilities, we’ve brought new dynamically configured rooms online in as little as a half an hour from the receipt of purchase orders. Likewise, this base code ensures that all rooms within the framework will operate consistently and predictably.

ControlWorks provides freedom rather than constraint. By using simple configuration files, our software integration engineers can tailor aspects of individual rooms to meet the needs of individual users without sacrificing the consistency and cost-reducing advantages of dynamic configuration. Sources, lighting or television presets can all be changed “on the fly” in seconds without re-engaging a costly programmer; even the quantity, model, and role of displays in the room can be changed in just a few clicks. Configuration files can be automatically downloaded from a ControlWorks-provided portal or manually loaded to the processor as your security and operational requirements may dictate.

Unlike an “off the shelf” configurable solution that may lock you into a single manufacturer’s hardware offerings, ControlWorks dynamic configuration allows you to select the best-in-class products that match your unique needs and expectations for every aspect of the system.

Using the same base code across all rooms means that global changes can be implemented quickly and simply, requiring regression testing only once instead of once for each room and further reducing the total cost of ownership, training time and room downtime. 

Systems integration engineering and functionality that's critical to your unique workflow

One dynamic configuration customer can support more than 57 billion possible combinations of hardware from more than 25 different manufacturers, all in the same program and configured from a simple portal that nearly anyone can use — all without giving up the features and functionality critical to their unique workflow.

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