Residential Integration

ControlWorks knows the residential space better than anyone — we’ve been innovating it since 1997. We also know that it can be a very complex and challenging space to operate in because we started off solely focused on the high-end residential market. We also understand that no other market has the same number of moving parts, focus on lifestyle and 24-7 demand for system reliability. In working with residential integrators around the country, we’ve encountered every imaginable application of residential technology. So, we know what works, as well as what to avoid, for the sake of your customers. When you partner with us, you’ll reap the benefits of all of our collective experiences. Whether your project is large in scope or large in complexity, we can help. From the design stage through the on-site commissioning phase, our process ensures a smooth delivery of your vision. Post-commissioning remote support also ensures that every last detail gets addressed since we know site conditions may not allow for 100% completion during our on-site visit.

It can never be too soon to reach out regarding your project.

Even if it’s a conversation about a prospective project, we’d welcome the opportunity to talk about design challenges and “interesting” client requests. Consider us a partner in your success — and the sooner we are aware of your project, the better.

Take a look at our process and get more specific details about how we can make your next project successful for you and your client.

Our Process