Work with an Extron Qualified Independent Programmer

More than ever before commercial properties are being equipped with Extron audiovisual and control systems— and that number keeps growing. You'll need an Extron Authorized Programmer to help ensure your system is fully integrated and ready to go. Our team of Extron programmers at ControlWorks is more than ready to deliver you best-in-class Extron programming and consulting services, no matter your application or industry. Of course, with ControlWorks as your partner for Extron systems integration, you aren't just getting a programmer: you're getting a partner, a consultant, and a troubleshooter who will deliver a comprehensive solution to help you every step of the way. When all's said and done, your organization will be able to run more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Why ControlWorks?

When you're searching for help with the integration of your Extron system, you want a company that has worked with Extron since the beginning. ControlWorks has been a member of the Extron Qualified Independent Programmer (EQIP) since the program was inaugurated in 2016, and all of our Extron programmers have achieved individual Extron certifications. It's just one of many ways that our team stays at the forefront of technology to bring you the most up-to-date, all-inclusive solutions. Visit our About page to learn how our AV professionals continually educate themselves and diversify their knowledge base.

In What Areas Can an Extron Authorized Programmer Help Me?

Anywhere that Extron AV systems can be found, our Extron programmers can help. We've served a wide range of industries, from the government to healthcare, and just as many environments as well. Some of the places we can integrate your ideal Extron solution include:

  • Board rooms and training rooms
  • Classrooms and lecture halls
  • Meeting and convention venues
  • Hospitals and medical training facilities
  • Legislative and municipal chambers
  • Courtrooms
  • Shopping centers and restaurants
  • Concert halls
  • Gymnasiums, exercise facilities, and multi-purpose rooms
  • Museums
  • Theme parks and casinos
  • Command and control facilities

Interested in Our Services? Reach Out Today

The ControlWorks team is ready to talk about your project and help you develop a wide array of commercial programming solutions to suit your needs. Contact us today to talk with a certified Extron Authorized Programmer or other AV integration specialist.