Voting and Chamber Automation

Voting is the bedrock of democracy — but every democratic body has different needs, wants, and desires. They have differences as simple as the number of members or whether it is “Yes” “Yea” or “Aye,” and as monumental as establishing the order of business, facilitating capabilities for the public to comment and the ability to broadcast important votes or meetings.

ControlWorks’ voting and chamber automation solutions leverage commercial off-the-shelf hardware and unique insights developed after more than a decade of working closely with the Senate of Virginia, the western hemisphere’s oldest elected representative body. This means we can deliver the ultimate in customized flexibility for your organization while honoring unique traditions and protocol.

Beyond the mere efficiency gains from ControlWorks’ electronic integrated voting systems, we’ve taken chamber automation to the next level with programming that aggregates existing information into 360-degree views of your meetings. By intelligently acting on details, you’ll know which organization is using the room, why they are meeting, who is in each seat and when each member is speaking. ControlWorks’ solutions drive unprecedented levels of room, voting, and streaming automation.

Take a look at our Voting Systems FAQ for more information.

How An Integrated Voting System Helped The Senate of Virginia

By deploying a customized Crestron voting system, ControlWorks helped introduce both electronic voting and live streaming video to each of the Senate of Virginia’s committee rooms. Using deep integration with the General Assembly’s Legislative Information System and in-room audio and video reinforcement systems, ControlWorks delivered a solution with no staffing impacts and a yearly savings amount of more than $60,000 when compared to more traditional approaches.

We recently integrated a broadcast-quality automated closed-captioning system for the committee process. This improvement has granted greater public access to meeting content, while further reducing costs with approximately $30,000 in projected savings per year over the prior solution.

Additionally we have worked with the Virginia Senate on automating their chamber systems to promote efficiency throughout the legislative process.

Let’s Talk About Your Voting Project

Are you ready to partner with us or do you have questions about how we can help with a state, county or even a city council voting system? We want to hear from you. Check out our Voting FAQ PDF for answers to common questions or call us at 440.449.1100 to discuss your project or a custom-built electronic roll call voting solution. Or, you can email us at at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you.